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Proudly Serving Southern Indiana

Contractor ID #ME40788

4.9 Star Rating ★★★★★

Out of 126 Reviews

Mon-Fri: 7am – 6pm

Saturday: 8am – 12pm

Roofing Contractors Carmel Indiana

We at Cornerstone pride ourselves on being the highest quality roofing company Carmel Indiana has to offer.

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Affordable Roofing Contractors Carmel Indiana

The beautiful suburban city, located directly north of Indianapolis is a location we have served continuously for many years. Our customers in Carmel expect high quality, and we have delivered it in spades. With its own arts district and smattering of lovely homes, Carmel’s unique proclivity for style sets the standard for inspiration across the southern part of the state. Unlike other Indiana roofing companies, we expertly balance exceptional service and infallible results. All the while, we make it a priority to oversee several towns and cities around Indianapolis. We believe the key to success is equal parts exceptional customer service and mastering the art of balance.

Roofing Companies Westfield Indiana Services

We offer Westfield Indiana roofing contractors in addition to replacing your building’s siding and gutters. If your current gutters are constantly clogging and broken, or if you are looking to increase your gutter’s efficiency, our expert team can help! Our decades of experience in gutter repair ensure we find the proper gutters at the right price for your project and provide a reliable finish for years to come.

Our Plan as Your Roofing Contractors Carmel Indiana

When they enlist the help of our roofing contractors Carmel Indiana customers can expect the following: 

Every job begins with an inspection free of charge. Whether your issue relates to siding, shingles, or your roof, we take the time to conduct a thorough diagnosis that helps us identify the issue. From there, we offer our professional services including an estimate of what you can expect from pricing. No other Indiana roofing companies offer our level of service at such reasonable prices. While we may not be the least expensive option, we’re the option you invest in one time and one time only.

As far as money issues are concerned, we are sensitive to the fact that every client has their own budget to consider. Cornerstone further assists clients by offering flexible financing plans, accepting all major credit cards, and finding ways to mitigate large costs. With all that in mind, our goal is to provide clients with excellent craftsmanship the first time around. In short, you won’t have to hire another roofing Carmel IN company to fix our mistakes.

We present the plan in full. If there are any changes to be made, or any issues that arise during this time, we discuss them with you at length. It’s paramount that our customers feel heard, which is why we keep you in the know during every part of the process.

When roofing Carmel Indiana customers, or any customers for that matter, we work diligently to provide an estimate that is as close to your final price as possible. Should there be any unforeseen issues, we communicate any unexpected pricing jumps promptly. We don’t play politics with our customers and aim to provide them with realistic estimates that account for fair labor and the cost of goods. If you need affordable roofing near Carmel Indiana, Cornerstone offers that and more.

Finally, we discuss the entire process ensuring there are no questions about our outlying concerns. We foster a strong sense of transparent communication that other roofing Carmel Indiana based companies just can’t replicate. In fact, when it comes time to search for the best in roofing near Carmel Indiana, you’ll find customers across the internet endorse our team.

With over 20 years of experience, our team is guided by a wealth of knowledge that can only be procured through years of trial and error. Even so, the need to improve never ends, and we’re always looking for feedback on how we can serve you better. That’s the simple truth of how we came to be the highest quality roofing company Carmel Indiana has to offer.


Cornerstone Roofing: Mark W. Petter's testimonial

Super easy to work with. nick was with my insurance adjuster and they were able to look at the same thing and I think that was key to getting it approved. highly recommended

Mark W Petter

Cornerstone Roofing: Kristi Alexander's testimonial

All of the workers did a great job, they worked hard all day long. The roof and skylight look better than I imagined. So glad we chose this company

Kristi Alexander

Cornerstone Roofing: Samantha Ann Burnette's testimonial

Thank you so much Matt and Amy and all the guys at cornerstone we love our new store front! It really changed the look of our building, you guys did a great job for a fantastic price!!!!

Samantha Ann Burnette

We appreciate all of our Carmel clients for making us the unquestioned choice for all of their roofing, gutter, shingle, and siding needs. Cornerstone looks forward to roofing Carmel IN for many years to come.

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