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Proudly Serving Southern Indiana

Contractor ID #ME40788

4.9 Star Rating ★★★★★

Out of 126 Reviews

Mon-Fri: 7am – 6pm

Saturday: 8am – 12pm


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Your Full-Service Roofing Bloomington Indiana Provider

Cornerstone provides you with a full spectrum of services designed to optimize the health, functionality, and longevity of your roof. Our highly trained staff handles the entire process whether you require a thorough inspection or basic repair. All of our services are available for residential and commercial properties alike. We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to roof issues, which is why we offer punctual and expeditious service for all of your needs. Moreover, we offer more than targeted roof services. As a full-service operation, we attend to issues with gutters, siding, and other important components of your property’s function. When it comes to roofing companies in Indianapolis, no one offers as thorough of a selection as Cornerstone.

            The following services are available for all kinds of properties both residential and commercial. If you have any questions regarding pricing, customization, or time restrictions, we are happy to address all of your concerns. Every project is unique, and we understand that many of our customers are currently working through insurance claims resulting from damages. As a result, we make it our business to thoroughly assess the condition of your roof and offer a wide variety of solutions designed to effectively tackle the issue. We take your satisfaction seriously and prioritize keeping our customers informed during every step of the process. For comprehensive roofing Bloomington IN locals know just who to call.

Cornerstone Bloomington Services at a Glance

Cornerstone provides clients with the following:

  • Roof Repairs
  • Full Roof Replacement Indianapolis
  • Commercial Roofing
  • Residential Roofing Contractor Indianapolis
  • Metal Roofing
  • Shingled Roofing
  • Storm Damage
  • Gutters
  • Siding
  • And more, for all your Bloomington roofing needs!

With years of experience and countless positive reviews to corroborate our claims, you can trust Cornerstone for all of your Indianapolis roofing needs. We treat your home with reverence and respect, rectifying issues as they arise. Our professionalism and workmanship are unmatched. Furthermore, we bring high-quality materials to every job site ensuring your roof is primed for longevity and durability. We hire only exceptional roofing contractors Indianapolis locals know can deliver results. 

Affordable Roof Repair Bloomington IN

Cornerstone offers durable repair for roofing Bloomington IN locals can trust for unwavering quality. With our repairs, clients will find their roof has been restored to reinforce optimal functionality. Moreover, our repairs also account for preventative measures that ensure your roof will withstand natural wear and tear and erosion effectively. What kind of problems require a roof repair? Here are some of the most common reasons clients enlist our help:

  • Roof Leaks
  • Water Ponds
  • Faulty Installation
  • Improper Installed Flashing
  • Penetrations
  • Improper Maintenance

The most common of all problems, fortunately, leaks are typically quickly identifiable. Small leaks are relatively easy to fix, which is why we encourage clients to reach out as they notice the issue. Cornerstone Bloomington can quickly resolve these issues with a reinforced repair technique. Whatever you do, act fast, an untreated leak can wreak havoc on more than just your roof. If left unattended, mold and rot quickly follow suit.

You’ll notice water ponds forming on roofs after rain passes or snow melts. Ponds forming are usually indicative of a poor installation. A small amount of pooling is sometimes normal however, it usually indicates an issue with gutters or leveling.

Unfortunately, questionable companies will try and lure in vulnerable customers by offeringa uncharacteristically cheap installations. Understandably, it can be tempting to hire Indiana roofing companies that promise irresistibly low prices. However, there’s a reason why their services are so cheap. These so-called “roofers” will circumvent costs by using cheap material that breaks down quickly. In the end, you will end up spending more money fixing their inadequate work. We offer free inspections to diagnose this issue.

Flashing is applied in any area of your roof that has been penetrated during an installation. Botched applications using cheap materials can cause penetration and punctures.

The Midwest is no stranger to hail-storms and heavy winds, making penetrations relatively common. As a result, our roofing Bloomington Indiana operation can effectively remedy this issue. Following a storm, if you’re concerned about your property, we recommend having it inspected. Typically, insurance will cover any repair or replacement costs for compromised roofs. 

If you’re dealing with reputable roofing companies in Indianapolis, they should provide you with a realistic maintenance protocol to promote the lifespan of your roof following installation. Even the best quality roofs are not infallible, which is why we recommend enlisting Cornerstone for a free inspection. We’ll be able to identify any current issues while providing insight into potential problems you might face in the future.

We offer a 60-day warranty on nearly all repairs unless specified otherwise. 

Full Replacement Roofing Contractors Indianapolis

Although repairs are typically less expensive, in certain circumstances a replacement is the more sensible option. Cornerstone provides a highly-skilled roof contractor Indianapolis businesses and residents can trust for personalized replacement. We understand the prospect of replacing a roof is invariably stressful. As a result, Our Bloomington roofing operation works efficiently to mitigate stress and restore your property’s health in no time. With Cornerstone, roofing replacement is as easy as 1,2,3: 

We begin the process by meeting with our customers. Every client is entitled to a free inspection, regardless of their current issue. Following the inspection, you, and only you, will decide whether you’d like to move forward with our services. The inspection process will reveal any outstanding issues, in addition to providing us with an opportunity to measure your dimensions, identify proper ventilation needs, and elicit any necessary feedback.

If you decide to work with our roofing Bloomington Indiana team, we will subsequently prepare a fully personalized plan that accurately estimates costs of material and labor. Our estimates are not definitive, however, we keep you posted during the process to avoid surprise fees.

After establishing the parameters of your job, your roof contractor Indianapolis based team member will outline what to expect during the replacement process. During this time, we answer any questions or concerns with transparency. We will clearly outline our warrantee guarantee, letting you know exactly what is and what isn’t covered.

Commercial Roofing Bloomington Indiana

As a business owner, you’re innately aware of the issues that arise if your roof is not in pristine condition. A functional roof is a non-negotiable for any concerned commercial property owner, and something our Indianapolis roofing company takes seriously. When it comes to roofing materials, businesses vary in their choices. Nevertheless, whether you have a shingle roof or a metal one, our contractors will offer a level of service other Indiana roofing companies simply can’t. Commercial property owners must adhere to regulations and rules, which is why your roofing services should only be performed by an expert. We know just what to look for and how to provide customers with quality offerings that are fast, durable, and primed for longevity. As your first and only real defense against the elements, investing in a roof is crucial. We offer comprehensive commercial roofing Bloomington IN residents can rely on.

Your Thorough Residential Roofing Contractor Indianapolis

Cornerstone is particularly cognizant of the stress that accompanies homeowners when they need major roof care. The process can be overwhelming, especially if the damage incurred is severe. We offer comprehensive care that allows residents flexibility during their service offerings. Thanks to years of experience, our exceptional team members can handle any kind of project regardless of material. Our roofing contractors Bloomington Indiana based team are connected with other reputable vendors in the area. Meaning, your residential project will be handled with integrity and high-grade materials. We take special care to certify the overall structural welfare of your home. We treat every customer with respect, and every home as if it were our own.

Metal and Shingle Roofing Contractors Indianapolis

In order to provide recommendations for quality roofing materials, it’s imperative that your contractor is well versed in Indiana’s unique climate. After all, roofing recommendations will vary depending on your location. Our contractors are not only highly skilled in the art of roof repair, replacement, and inspection, but they also understand the materials that work best to combat the weather and climate conditions of Indiana. As experienced contractors, we can provide clients with our personal recommendations for roofing choices. We know and understand the benefits of different materials and can help you decide which substance is best suited for your Bloomington roofing needs.

      We’ll help you decide which material is preferable for your needs. In doing so, we can also help you choose the right design. Our suppliers have an unmatched inventory that allows for a wide range of variances in color, design, and aesthetics. 

Gutters and Siding

A healthy roof is the sum total of multiple working parts. Gutters and siding are both imperative players in your roof’s overall functioning. Any sort of damage, puncturing, or issues with gutters and siding, can wreak havoc on your overall structure. Our roof repair, replacement, and inspection considers the welfare of these parts and verifies they’re not causing harmful build-up or blockage. When they need full-service roofing contractors Indianapolis IN locals know just who to call. We’ll maximize your roof’s health and longevity by any means necessary.