Get an affordable payment for your home improvement project!

✅ Borrow up to $100K
✅ Soft credit pull won’t affect your credit
✅ No prepayment penalties or hidden costs
✅ Rates starting at 4.99%
✅ No credit card
✅ Get approved in under 2 minutes!


This will NEVER affect your credit score


Financing through a quality lending partner like PowerPay offers a quick and easy application process, done entirely online from the comfort of your home and with near-instant approvals on home improvement loans of up to $100,000. Using financing to purchase a new roof, new gutters or new siding can provide you with low and affordable monthly payments!

Have No Fears About Extra Fees or Prepayment Penalties

PowerPay provides loan terms of up to 15 years to help homeowners afford the repairs they need today, but will also never penalize you for paying your loans back sooner than the payment terms.

This helps provide the comfort and safety of knowing that repayment is up to you. If something unexpected happens, you have the time built in to pay your loan back slowly, or if you need to free up funds for the future, it allows you to pay it all off sooner without any fear of added fees or penalties.

Receive A Huge Return of Investment (ROI)

Whether you’re preparing to sell your home or simply want to boost its value for the future, financing with a home improvement loan allows you to get more than just the bare minimum.

Most homeowners who opt for a full roof replacement, new gutter installation or new siding installation can recoup up to 65% of the installation costs through the increased value of their home. With such a high return on investment and the increased curb appeal, when you are ready to sell, your improved home will interest more buyers and get you a higher price tag making financing of the project even more attractive.


This will NEVER affect your credit score