Our roofing systems are meant to protect us. They keep us, the house, and everything we own inside of it safe from catastrophe. But they will need a little help over their lifespan. There are a few things that can compromise their effectiveness; it’s essential to understand them so you can get the repairs done quickly. No more roofing damage should happen after the repairs. Let’s stop the progression by understanding the typical causes outlined below:

Incorrect Installation

Some contractors are guilty of committing shoddy roofing work by not using underlayment or flashing. In addition, they may use poor sealants. The shortcuts contractors take to save time and money cost homeowners more down the road as they must replace the entire roof a few years later due to leaks. The right contractor will use proven building techniques and quality materials to construct a water-tight roof that lasts for decades to come.

Poor Maintenance

You must stay on top of repairs for your roof. You can do this by performing annual inspections. Even if you haven’t had any of the above problems, you should still conduct an assessment every year. This will allow you to address minor damages, which are easier and cheaper to fix than major roof issues. 

Once a leak starts, it can soon become a big problem that requires expensive repairs. Keep your gutters clean and your roof free of debris and leaves, and get it inspected regularly. After a storm, it is essential to assess the roofing immediately because it is harder to repair minor issues when significant damage has already occurred.

Wear and Tear

Age affects all of us, and the condition of your roof cannot be avoided. Over time, the asphalt and other materials used to seal and protect your roofing will weaken and deteriorate. Even the most durable and weatherproof shingles will eventually succumb to the pressures of punishing weather conditions. Events such as large-scale windstorms, heavy rains, and flooding will also weaken and ultimately destroy your roof. If you want to maintain the quality of your home and protect your family, you may want to consider investing in a new roofing system.

Aging roofs are also affected by foot traffic, especially if you have a roof that’s easy to climb on and chill out on can do a lot of damage. It seems like a fun spot, and it is, but those activities eventually wear out the shingles. Your shingles are there to protect you from the dangers outside, so let’s keep them in their best shape by staying off them when we don’t have to.


Turbulent winds, thunderstorms, hail storms, high heat, deep colds, and hurricanes can all cause damage. Moisture leaking through a cracked or missing thin-set layer of concrete roofing will freeze and expand, breaking the roofing material. Asphalt shingles also crack under extreme heat and pressure from hailstones. These hailstones have been known to crack or completely tear asphalt off a roof.

Roofers in Kansas City and Chicago know that torrential rainfall, hailstones, and hurricanes can damage roofing materials. Open spaces between roofing allow water to escape and damage the integrity of the roofing materials.


While knowledge is power, knowing is only half the battle. You must apply these learnings to prevent further roofing damage to your house. It is also better to consult with experts whenever you encounter damage, leaks, or concerns related to your roofing as soon as possible.

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