When you’re living in a house, you may not be able to tell when your siding is in need of repair. The damage may not be too apparent, but you’ll notice them once you know what to look out for. Below are five quick ways to identify when you should call in a professional to repair damaged siding.

1. Missing Siding

The most obvious warning sign to look for in siding damage is missing siding. If you suddenly notice a pile of siding on the ground next to your house, the only logical thing to do is to call in a professional to repair the siding. You don’t want to leave your home exposed to the elements. You also don’t want to take a chance on structural damage to the home.

2. Peeling or Flaking Paint

Paint that is properly applied to siding should not peel or flake. If it does, there might be a problem, and you should call professionals to see if there are signs of water damage and other factors that could be affecting the siding. 

Proper siding paint often requires a sable brush, and while you can likely purchase spray paint in a color you want, it’s important that you know it’s not appropriate for your siding. 

3. Mold Growth

Mold can be a huge problem for siding as it is for all of the surfaces in your home, and it tends to grow easily on all types of siding. You’ll want to try to prevent mold from growing on your siding by making sure to keep your gutters and downspouts clear of any buildup.

If you have a siding surface that’s already covered in mold, you should have a professional look at the problem for you. There may be some specialty siding cleaners that can help you avoid the need for a full-scale siding replacement.

4. Leaks

One of the most obvious signs that you need siding repair is water leaks. If you wake up one morning and find that your wall or ceilings are all wet, it’s likely due to a problem with your siding. Leaks could be caused by a number of reasons as well, including holes in the siding, missing flashing, etc. 

If you’re not sure exactly what the problem is, you should immediately call a professional to look at the problem and repair it. If you don’t, you’ll likely end up with mildew and wood rot, which will make your siding repair that much more expensive.

5. Distorted Siding

If you have metal siding, you’ll want to look for siding that is bent or warped. This can happen from a hail storm, from a tree branch hitting the siding hard enough to damage it, or from improper installation to begin with. You’ll want to let a professional repair the siding in order to make it safe for your home.


It’s important to note that none of the above signs is conclusive proof that the siding needs to be replaced. If you don’t know what the source of the problem is, you should err on the side of caution and call a professional to look at the siding damage.

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