Procrastinating important work for later might get some of us in a lot of trouble. Especially when it comes to your home and any repairs it may need. Oftentimes, if we don’t repair these problems quickly, they can turn into more costly repairs. Your roof is one space which doesn’t get as much attention as required, and if repairs go unnoticed, this can lead to very costly repairs. If you notice any of the following things wrong with your roof, it’s time to consider calling an expert.

Damaged Shingles

Shingles have a life expectancy of 20-30 years. However, weather cannot be predicted and along with age, it might cause shingles to damage. Harsh weather conditions reduce the life expectancy of shingles. If you live in a place that’s too cold, or too hot, shingles may last less time than the 20-30 year expectancy. If you find any the roof shingles curled, damaged or missing, then it is time to get your roof repaired.

Also, if you find that the shingles are darker than usual, or they look damp and wet it is a good time to replace them. The dampness, which is oftentimes algae, might spread to the walls of the house. It is better to replace them rather than spending extra money on wall repairs as well. Shingle granules or pieces in the garden or in the gutter line is also a good sign that the roof needs repairing.

Blister or Peeling of the Exterior Paint

If your roof is constantly damp and wet due to the weather conditions in your region, then blisters or peeling of the exterior paint might be a usual sight. This happens when the moisture seeps deep into the walls, and in turn removes the paint from the outer layer. If it goes unattended for a longer time, the moisture might even seep inside, which would eventually cause blistering in the interior as well. The best course of action is to call a repairer and fix the roof.

Another reason for the peeling of the exterior paint might because of a leaking drain. If the leak persists for long then you might also have cracks in your ceiling. This would be time to call a roofing company so they can find the exact problem with the roof.

Wear and Tear Around the Roof

There are several objects and openings around your roof that need regular supervision in addition to the roof. Most of these objects are pipes, chimneys, vents or even the gutter line, which are usually less durable than the roof. It has been recorded that the majority of roof repairs that takes place near these areas are because these parts of the roof have deteriorated causing extra damage to the roof as well.

Whenever the roof is being fixed make sure those pipes and vents are in good condition as well, or vice versa. No one would want a broken drain causing damage to the whole roof. If the repair work is done early, then the fixing would only be confined to the affected area.

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Sagging Roof Deck

You might notice a portion of your wall leaned downwards, or a deck which is sagging. This can be found on the upper floors or in the attic of the house. Sagging roof decks are dangerous and should be addressed as soon as possible.

Roof decks start sagging when water fills up in a particular point of the roof, and then usually sink down towards the ceiling, making it look like a bag filled with water or some leaning rooftop. If this situation is not repaired as soon as possible, then one might have to incur the cost of a full roof repair. In the most extreme cases, there have been incidents when the whole rooftop fell inside the house, causing damage, injury and at worst, even death.


Leaks are very annoying and can become very costly if unattended. The moment you see a single drop of water from the ceiling, it’s time to call a roofing company. Leaks from the ceiling can happen because of various reasons, but the most common damage is a crack on the roof. Cracks can usually happen if the house is too old, or there has been constant rain causing the water to seep inside. Leaks can cause damage to things which are kept inside the house, so it is advisable to make immediate repairs.

Is your roof hurting?

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