Want to know why Roofing Contractors charge different prices for the “same” service?

When you decide to hire a professional roofing service to repair, replace or install a new roof its important you have to find a reliable roofing service in your area. One way to find reliable service is to ask your family and friends for referrals. Especially if they have had the same type of service done in their home.  You can also find reliable roofing companies when you use google to search for local roofing services. Make sure to read the reviews to see an accurate picture of which roofing company is reliable. Create a short list of roofers and call each one for an estimate. This way you can compare to see which is the best one suitable for your needs.  While comparing those estimates you will find that roofing company pricing may differ for the same service. You may ask yourself why? The answer to this question depends on direct and indirect factors that causing a discrepancy in the pricing. The following factors can affect the final pricing quoted in a roofing repair estimate.

Warranty: Some roofing service companies offer their own warranty to ensure the quality of their work, apart from the warranty provided by the manufacturer of the roofing materials. Their exclusive warranty covers the cost of materials and installation labor used in completing the task. At Cornerstone Roofing, we proudly endorse and use GAF Roofing materials for their reliability and product warranty.

Quality of materials: If the estimate you receive is an itemized estimate, you can ensure that all the items required in the roofing service are included in the quoted price. Moreover, roofing estimates should also mention the brand of materials, to ensure that substandard materials are not being used. Many roofing companies that charge a lower price may be using substandard materials to lower their cost. We recommend you stay away from cheaper roofing products as much as possible. Check warranties provided and ensure your roofer complies with their installation procedures to avoid any voids of warranty.

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Cost of labor: While comparing estimates you should also take into consideration the labor costs. Normally labor costs are a fixed rate on an hourly basis. Some roofing companies charge higher rates for their more experienced and professional trained workers.

Incidental charges: Sometimes roofing companies include Incidental charges to cover up the cost of services such as disposing waste and cleaning up the space after the labor is complete. These additional services can increase the cost as they are not the part of roofing service. These factors affect the pricing of the roofing service indirectly.

Insurance coverage: If a roofing company has a workers compensation insurance, that could also drive up the cost of the roofing service. However, hiring an adequately insured service provider can be beneficial to the consumer in case there is any mishap while the job is being completed.

License: Whenever you deal with a licensed roofing contractor, their pricing will be inevitably higher than when dealing with a non-licensed provider.  It’s beneficial to the consumer to hire a company that is licensed, as they are more qualified and trained to provide the adequate service. Licensed contractors ensure that any repairs follow the codes and guidelines necessary to pass necessary inspection and guarantee work that will obtain necessary permits.

Obtaining permits: When obtaining an estimate from a roofing company, be aware that they obtain the proper permits for the roof service. Many times contractors charge less because they don’t obtain the proper permits. This can be a problem in the long run and can result in unnecessary fines for the consumer. It can also be a problem when re-selling the property. When determining which roofing company is best for you, skimping on a company which skips the permits is not a good idea.

Length of time on the market: One has to be the best in their market to withstand time and remain in that market for a long time. If a roofing company has been working actively for many years it may reflect on the cost of the labor. It can also reward the consumer in the long term to hire a roofing company with long-term experience.

Hiring subcontractors: Sometimes roofing companies hire subcontractors to do some of the roofing work. This drives the cost down because oftentimes they hire untrained, unlicensed and uninsured subcontractors at lower rates to complete certain parts of the roofing jobs. You cannot rely on the quality of the services provided by the sub contractors. Many of them are not licensed or trained. Instead of choosing a roofing company only because of the low cost, you should always hire a roofing company that is licensed, insured and experienced.

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