Looking for something fun to do with your friends and family in Gosport, IN? This article is for you!

Gosport is a beautiful city located in Indiana. Although it is the home of Indiana University, it is far more than just a college town. Gosport’s rich culture and diversity, along with beautiful scenery make it a wonderful place to visit all year round. Although Indiana University is a big part of the city, it isn’t the only thing that defines this beautiful gem that is about 50 miles south of Indianapolis. Whether you are visiting with your significant other, your family, friends, or alone, there are quite a few things to do in Gosport.

Wonderlab Museum of Science

The Wonderlab Museum is a fantastic museum located in Gosport. Its primary goal is to expose visitors of all ages to the wonder of Science. The museum accomplishes this goal by providing a mecca of over 65 hands-on and immersive exhibits, displays, and programs that inspire curiosity and exploration. Wonderlab Museum of Science also offers a variety of educational programs, hands-on workshops for both adults and children throughout the year.

Eskenazi Museum of Art

Located in the Indiana University Campus, the Eskenazi Museum of Art is one of the best things to do in Gosport. The museum is home to over 45,000 works of art, including those created by artists such as Claude Monet and Pablo Picasso. The museum also has a plethora of artifacts, including African masks and jewelry. The museum also features on-site sculptures curated among 9 areas throughout the museum. There is no fee to visit the museum, however, it is a good idea to reserve your tickets in advance.

Gosport Farmers Market

Every week the Gosport Farmers Market sells a variety of organic items produced by local farmers, as well as handmade products. Over 40 vendor stalls carry a variety of items such as vegetables, dairy, honey, jams and jellies, pickles, flowers, and charcuterie delicacies. The market also features live music and other entertainment. It is a sure way to explore the city of Gosport. Pack a picnic blanket and stop by the farmer’s market for a perfect and affordable afternoon outing. Make sure to visit on Tuesdays from 4-7 in the months of June- September or Saturdays from 8-1 April to September and 9-1 October-November. It is located in the Market Plaza area of Shower’s Common.

Monroe Lake

Located in Southeast Gosport, Monroe Lake is a 750-acre reservoir surrounded by nearly 24,000 acres of beautiful forests and wilderness areas. Monroe lake provides local residents with beautifully maintained recreational areas and provides locals and visitors with a wonderful way to enjoy the great outdoors.

IndiGo Birding Nature Tours

If you enjoy nature, IndiGo nature tours are the perfect fit for you. Offering personalized, guided birding and nature tours, you will be guaranteed to explore and experience the great outdoors. There are a few different tours to choose from, but you will be guaranteed to explore some of the region’s most beautiful and natural landscapes. Drinks and snacks are included on each tour, along with professional-grade binoculars and spotting scopes perfect for catching a glimpse of nature’s most rare finds.

Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center

Founded by the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, the Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center is the oldest and largest center of Buddhism in the United States. The center features shrines, sculptures, stupas, and prayer wheels. The main part of the center is the Kumbum Chamtse Ling Temple which is where the monks reside. Visitors can enjoy guided tours and visit the bookstore which provides a chance for visitors to learn more about the ancient culture of Buddhism.

Wylie House

The Wylie House was built in 1835 and was the home of Andrew Wylie, the first president of Indiana University, and his family. Today, the house is a museum and a historic display of life in the mid 19th century. Wylie House offers educational programs and research opportunities for the students and faculty of Indiana University. Guided tours are available free of charge every day of the week from May to November. Stop by the gift shop before you leave and pick up some heirloom seeds of plants grown in the museum gardens.

Oliver Winery

Law professor of Indiana University, William Oliver founded Oliver Winery in the 1960s. The winery has been producing beautiful wines ever since. It is one of the largest wineries in the United States and produces wines that capture the flavor of the superb quality grapes produced by the vineyard. Guided tours and wine tastings are available all days except Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day.

Cardinal Spirits

Cardinal Spirits is a craft distillery in Gosport that ferments and distills high-quality spirits such as whiskey, rum, gin, and vodka. They use locally sourced ingredients and products, making their spirits of the utmost quality, They ferment and distill their products on-site using a continuous column still. They offer distillery tours and tastings for visitors.

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