Looking for roof replacement ideas? Want to learn a bit more about your roofing options?

If you are looking for types of roofs for your roof replacement, there’s a wide range of materials available that are important to take into consideration when making your decision. A roof is the most important part of a building, since it protects the property you have from physical elements like rain and sun. Weather and climate, type of material, product cost, and installation can also influence your decision in selecting the ideal roof for your property. Here are types of roofs to consider for your roof replacement.

Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Asphalt shingle roofs are relatively easy to install. They are also very popular and economical. This is the most well-known and popular kind of roof. It also requires little maintenance, and it has a relatively large lifespan. It is a very durable and sustainable roof at an affordable price. Having asphalt shingle roofing can be affected by high winds. They also use petroleum products, which aren’t very environmentally friendly.

Metal Roofing

Without a doubt, one of the best factors of having metal roofing is the durability of it. Metal roofs should last as long as the house. Also, they are very resistant to high winds, snow, rain, etc. Metal roofs are also very lightweight, and are fire resistant. Metal roofs come with much higher price point than shingles. They are also prone to denting, and project noise louder than shingles.

Slate Roofing

One of the first things a homeowner might be drawn to when choosing a slate roof is their aesthetics. Slate roofs have a classier and more visually appealing look. Slate roofs are very durable, and last a very long time. They’re also fire resistant because slate itself is fireproof. Because they are so durable and won’t need to be changed often, they are more environmentally friendly. Installing slate roofs is a very difficult process, and you need to ensure the roofing company you chose is a reputable one because problems may arise due to poor installation. Slate roofs are very heavy and may not be a good option for every home, therefore, a professional roofer will be the only one who can tell you if this roof is good for your home.

Clay Tile Roofing

Tiles are the oldest type of roofing that have been manufactured, dating back to ancient cultures. Needless to say, this style of roofing is very durable and effective. The costs of clay roofing depend on the type of tile and style you choose, but can range from affordable to slightly costly. Clay tiles also offer insulating properties, which is important to consider if you live in a city that is either very hot or very cold. When considering clay tiles, you must take into consideration that if you live in a place where you experience high winds, it may not be such a good idea to have this type of roof, as the tiles may become loose and fly off. When deciding on clay tiles, you need to take into consideration the weight of the tiles. Your current structure may or may not hold up the weight of such roof. A reputable roofing company will be the best guide to determining whether a clay roof tile is the right one for your home.

Wood Shake Roofing

Wood shake roofs are beautiful and very eco-friendly. They are fairly durable if installed the proper way. Wood shake roofs will definitely add to the curb appeal of your home. These types of roofs come with a higher price point and it varies depending on the wood. They are not fire resistant, and they come at a higher price point to install. Undoubtedly it is a beautiful roof, but it also a roof that needs a little bit more care and attention than the others.

Synthetic Tile Roofing

Synthetic tiles are becoming very popular because they offer the look of slate roofing, but at a fraction of the cost. Installing synthetic tiles is easier making it more affordable. Synthetic tile roofs don’t offer the durability of slate tiles, and will probably have to be replaced sooner. Even though it looks exactly like slate making the curb appeal of your home stand out, when it comes to selling your property, you won’t get the added value of a slate roof.

Choosing the right roof for your residential or commercial property can be a very easy process. If you hire the right team of people from an experienced and reputable roofing company, you can always choose the best options for you. It’s easy to find reputable roofing companies. Google has invaluable resources that can help you make the decision of who to call. Google reviews give you a clear picture of the company. Steer clear of those companies that don’t have reviews or have negative reviews. With the right help, you can make this decision quickly and confidently.

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