When it comes time to replace or repair a roof, customers must be prepared and have some knowledge of the contractor they are hiring. It is also necessary for them to know the quality of work they do and the materials they use. That will assure you that the quality of service they deliver is the best.

The only way to find that out is to ask them some questions. That can be done on the phone, over emails, on their websites, or even in person. This article presents some of the important questions to ask roofing contractors when vetting them for their services.

1. Are They Licensed?

Working with a licensed roofing contractor is very important. Clients should always make sure that their roofing contractors are licensed and that their licenses are up to date.

If anything goes wrong, clients need to ensure they can get in touch with the contractors and can even take legal measures if need be. A majority of the states require that all their roofing contractors are licensed before they embark on any roofing jobs.

Codes and requirements for the roofing contractors will differ, and that means that clients must understand the codes and requirements for the area they are in. It helps them ensure that they are working with roofers who comply with their state’s codes and are fully licensed.

2. Do They Possess Workman’s Compensation Insurance?

All states require their roofing contractors to have workman’s compensation requirements. However, it would not hurt to ask because some may opt to work without it. Sometimes, accidents can happen, and an employee of the roofing company can get hurt on the client’s property.

The client will be held responsible for the medical expenses if the contractors do not have the compensation insurance. Asking this question makes sure that clients protect themselves from medical expenses they never planned on paying.

3. Do They Have General Liability Insurance?

Just like workman’s compensation insurance, general liability insurance is an important thing for roofers to have. Clients should always ask to see the insurance certificate before they allow the roofers to start working.

That protects the clients in case their roofing or property is damaged in the roofing process. Any damage caused while the roofers are working is compensated by the company rather than the homeowner.

4. Do They Use Roofing Subcontractors?

Some roofing contractors hire subcontractors to do the roofing for them. Clients need to ask if the roofing contractors are doing their roofing using subcontractors and if they have workman’s compensation insurance.

Clients can also take lien waivers because those documents will protect them if the roofing contractors do not pay the subcontractors.

5. Will They Remove The Old Roofing?

It is essential for old roofing to be removed as there might be some rotting underneath that may be missed in case it is not removed. Clients should always ensure they work with contractors who will remove the old roofing before installing the new one.

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