Property owners must always be prepared for the unexpected, especially during the harsh months of winter. Seasonal or yearly inspections by Cornerstone Roofing will help prolong the life of your roof, but it’s still imperative to ensure the appropriate maintenance is getting done in between assessments. Consider doing the following to ensure your roof is ready to withstand the winter weather.

Roof and Gutter Cleaning

That beautiful tree in the yard may add to the curb appeal, but it can damage your roof and gutters. Leaves and other debris accumulate in the gutters over time, which can end up clogging them. If not properly taken care of, the water will spill out from the gutter trough instead of the downspout, and potentially damage the landscaping below. Installing gutter guards are also an ideal solution for homeowners to consider to make cleaning them a breeze!

Roof Inspections

No one wants a leaky roof! Scheduling regular rooftop examinations with a professional is key in determining the integrity of your roof. These regular checks will help homeowners save on repairs, detect potential problems early, and prevent the need for premature rooftop replacements. 

Early Repairs and Replacements

The roof inspections may uncover the need for roof repairs or replacements, which is unfortunate but addressing the problem right away will prevent further damage to not only the roof but the entire home. Cornerstone Roofing provides outstanding service and fair pricing to ensure your rooftop keeps you and your home safe through any type of weather.

Ventilation and Insulation

Winter is the coldest season and so keeping warm is very important. However, this should be done without increasing the utility cost or harming the rooftop. A roof that’s properly insulated and ventilated is especially crucial in preventing damage. Ensure your attic has the right amount of insulation, and the vents allow the right amount of air circulation. This can be done through the support of our team at Cornerstone Roofing. Remember, good insulation will help seal the heat inside the house, ensuring the cost of running the furnace is minimal.

Moreover, intact insulation prevents the forming of ice dams that cause damage to the roof. This is because the shingle’s surface is kept colder. It’s recommended for any homeowner who has previously experienced ice dams to contact Cornerstone Roofing to inspect the ventilation and insulation. If there is a need for any replacements, our experts will advise accordingly.