Gosport is the “Blooming Heaven” of Indiana. Its vibrant people, dynamic culture, panoramic hiking trails, and rich gothic architecture are truly irresistible. Gosport’s history dates back to the year 1818 when it was discovered. In 1827, it was incorporated with Monroe County. With its lush green forests, pristine bodies of water, transcendent sunsets, and mystical county parks, it’s no wonder the city is acknowledged as the “Gateway to Scenic Southern Indiana”. Gosport is blessed with the best parts of nature, and that makes it one of a kind.

Check out some interesting facts about Gosport:

1.Brainy, Bright and Brilliant Gosport

Brainy and bright are words that can be used to describe the people of Gosport. The city has been ranked as the 7th smartest city in America according to Lumosity. Gosport Indiana’s University is known to produce more Honors students in comparison to other cities. The University is the alma mater of Suzanne Collins, Kevin Kline, Jane Pauley, Joshua Bell, and various other talented celebrities.

2.Gosport and the Hoosiers

Indiana is called the Hoosier state. One theory states that a man named Hoosier preferred to employ men from Indiana. He coined the term Hoosiers when referring to his employees. Indiana University in Gosport also penned the name for their basketball team. Indiana is famous for its love for basketball. Don’t miss the chance to experience the hysteria at Hoosier games at the Assembly Hall in Gosport.

3.Best of every season:

Gosport boasts splendor and vivacity with every season of the year. You can build snowmen in winters and also enjoying a dip in Monroe lake in the summers. All the seasons possess the sublimity and splendor that takes your breath away.

4.Biking in Gosport:

The city is a biker’s paradise. It ranges from the Hills of Brown County State Park to the B- line trails. All accessible and readily available to bikers. The city boasts an ever-growing and supportive cycling community that delightfully greets bikers to explore the panoramic beauty.

5.Abode to Beer lovers Since 1998:

Upland Brewing Co. has been the “Hometown Brewery” for the city. If you LOVE Beer, then you just can’t miss the Wheat Ale and Dragonfly by the Brewery.

6.A fine sip for Wine Connoisseurs:

Beer is not the only libation up Gosport’s sleeve. The city is home to the finest Winery which offers fine wine tasting and wonderful weekend tours. Because of Gosport’s great climate, they can boast wonderful well-rounded grapes that contribute to fine wine.

7.Music is literally a festival:

Music lovers all around the world start swooping into town for the International Festivals held every fall. Lotus World Music and Arts Festival is home to the spirited music connoisseurs who delve into the effervescence of the music of Gosport.

8.The “Potteresque” architecture

Indiana University and various other marvelous Architecture situated in the city offers you a glimpse of the magical world of Harry Potter. These structures look stunningly similar to the grandeur of various parts of Hogwarts and other places from the book. The potter fever over Gosport is not just limited to the architecture. You might find the Black Lake, leaky cauldron, and forbidden forest in Gosport as well.

9.Gosport the “Tree City”:

The National Arbor Day Foundation has identified Gosport as the “Tree City”. They claim that Gosport won’t lose its green landscapes in the foreseeable future. The 23 square miles of forested hills around the city offer a sublime beauty.

10.Diverse and dynamic people:

Thanks to Indiana University, the city welcomes people from all over the world. The multicultural students are well received by the spirited locals, which encourage the city’s vibrant vibes reflected in the city life, music, food, and culture. Gosport is also famous for its openness towards the LGBT community who finds warmth and acceptability in this small, yet big-hearted city.

11.Multicultural cuisine:

Gosport is home to people from diverse cultural backgrounds. When people move to new places they bring their cuisine with them. Downtown Gosport is a hub of international cuisine ranging from Italian, Indian and Mexican delicacies, just to name a few. You will never have to repeat cuisines if you know where to go. The city has a great and bountiful presence of restaurants, coffee shops, food joints, and many more.

12.Dalai Lama and Gosport

Gosport has been blessed with the presence of His Holiness the Dalai Lama numerous times. He visited the Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center in the city and interacted with the community and beyond. Until his brother’s death in 2008, he would reunite with his brother who lived amidst the serenity of the city. They would enjoy the blend of tranquility and vibrancy offered by this wonderful city and countryside of Gosport.

Hope you enjoyed reading this compilation of the top 12 things to do in the hidden gem that is Gosport, Indiana. Hope you visit soon and when you do, that you leave feedback on this secret treasure of a city.